After-sales Service and Support

Our values are crystal-clear: Openness, honesty, and the pride of offering transparent, impeccable service.

Our team of qualified professionals invests a great deal in giving excellent after-sales service. Because we truly want you to have a pleasant experience each and every time you choose ALBI Mazda. Le Géant is proud to rank with the best for after-sales service.

The advisers and staff have all taken intensive training on customer service and the importance of clear, precise and transparent transactions.

Technicians take continuing training given by four master technicians to keep up on the constant evolution of new technologies.

In our warm, welcoming garage, we happily do repairs whether routine maintenance or major repairs.

ALBI Mazda is a member of the international bodywork network, CarrXpert. Our expertise and the quality of our work has earned us the respect and trust of many insurance brokers.

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